2captcha is a human based solving service that solves all types of captcha.

This service is required in order to enter raffles and generate accounts in some specific sites that use reCaptcha, hCaptcha or any kind of similar anti-bot protection.

Steps to follow

First of all, you need to create a 2captcha account here in order to get your API key.

Once you click on Registration, a form will appear. Fill that form with your details and click Register.

Now, your 2captcha account is already created. In order to use 2captcha, you must add funds.

In order to do that, click on Add funds, at the top card of your screen.

Choose your preferred payment method to add funds. We recommend PayPal. Select the amount of funds to add, 5$ will be more than enough to start.

Finally, just click on Add Funds and follow the steps. Your funds will be added within a few minutes.

Just copy your working API key clicking on the Copy button. The key will be copied to your clipboard.

Finally, add your API key to the settings.json, make sure that it follows a correct JSON formatting: paste it between " " as shown below.