What is a catchall?

A catchall is a domain enabled to receive emails and forward them to the same email address. For example, if we are the owners of, we will be able to receive in the same inbox all the emails sent to This will allow us to create unlimited email addresses.

Catchalls can only be used in specific sites such as JD, Foot Locker, Slam Jam, if you try to use catchalls in other sites, all your entries will be probably filtered.

Steps to follow

To create our Catchall, we must buy a domain. To do that, we will use NameCheap.

First, create an account on NameCheap and buy a desired domain, the prices start at 1€, select a cool and non suspicious domain name.

Once we have our first domain, go to Account | Dashboard and select Manage next to your new domain.

Inside the Manage menu, you will find the Redirect Email option. Click on Catchall and add the email address where you want all the emails to be forwarded to.

We recommend to forward your catchall to a Gmail Account, in order to extract links easily using Link Grabber.