When entering raffles, is important to set a delay. Delay can help you to avoid manual filtering. Using the proper delay, will entries from other people to be between your entries, making it harder for a person to filter them.
Some sites do shock raffles, allow random data or just don't filter at all, in those cases the delay can be 0. But for the rest of the raffles, you must optimise it.

How to optimise it

In order to optimise it, you should follow this simple math formula:
Seconds remaining / number of profiles to enter = Optimal delay
Example: 3 days for the raffle to end = 259200 seconds If Infinit needs 30 seconds to for an entry, just do: 200 mails * 30 seconds = 6000 seconds for all the tasks
259200 - 6000 = 253200 seconds remaining 253200 seconds / 200 mails to enter = 1266 max delay If 1266 is the max delay, set it at 800-900 just in case, to make sure that you can enter all your profiles.


Infinit has the option to run tasks using multithreading. This option is useful to enter hundreds of profiles in a very short amount of time.
To use multithreading, just set the delay to 0. Keep in mind that this option is not enabled for all sites.
Last modified 2mo ago