Discord Webhooks
Discord's Webhooks allow you to automate your messages and send data updates to your Discord text channels.
In this case, we will use Discord's Webhooks in order to receive notifications about our tasks, such as a success raffle entry or a new account generated by Infinit.
Use wins_discord_webhook if you want to receive wins webhooks on a different channel (optional).

Steps to follow

First of all, you need to create a new personal Discord server.
Click on the + icon, and then select Create a server.
Choose a cool server name. You can also add a server image. Then just click on Create.
Once you have created your webhook server, you can use the #general text channel or you can create a new one using the + icon next to TEXT CHANNELS.
Then, just click the gear icon to edit the channel, as shown in the picture.
Now, just select Integrations on the left and click on Create Webhook.
Setup your Discord Webhook with a custom name and picture (optional). Make sure that the Channel selected is the desired one.
Just click on Copy Webhook URL and your Discord Webhook will be copied to your clipboard.
Finally, go to the Settings menu and update your Discord webhook.
From now on, you will receive a Discord Webhook for each successful raffle entry, account generated and confirmation using Infinit.
Last modified 2mo ago
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