Edit CSV files
In order to edit your profiles.csv, we recommend to use Rons Editor: a powerful and free CSV file editor that will make the process much easier.
Rons Editor has a free and a paid license. If the software asks you to pay in order to write more than 1000 lines. Activate the free trial, if it's not the first time doing it, just reinstall it and the trial period will restart.

Steps to follow

First of all, download and install Rons Editor from here.
Once you open a .csv file using Rons Editor, you will see something like this.
  1. 1.
    Save: Allows you to save an edited .csv, make sure you save before running the tasks.
  2. 2.
    Add row: Allows you to add a row at the end of the file, this must be used to create a new profile.
  3. 3.
    Column options: Selecting "Add new column" you can add a new field next to country_code in order to add new questions.
As you can see, Rons Editor is very easy to use. Row and Column menu have a lot of options, make sure that you check them out.
In order to create a new field to add a new question, click on the third option above and select: "Add new column".
Once you created a new column, you must edit the name. To do that, right click on the title and select: Edit Now, just change the name field and add the new question.


If you want to reuse a field, you can copy it with CTRL+C , selecting all column and pasting it with CTRL+V .
Rons Editor doesn't work like Microsoft Excel, it doesn't allow the drag option to repeat a cell.
Make sure that you don't leave any blank row, those will be considered invalid profiles.
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