PayPal AutoCheckout
Infinit providers a fully automated PayPal autocheckout for all supported sites. PayPal AutoCheckout will:
  • Autofill your PayPal email, using paypal_email field.
  • Autofill your PayPal password, using paypal_password field.
  • Click login button for you.
  • Select the first available payment method.
  • Complete checkout.
In order to improve PayPal ACO flow, always fill paypal_passwordfield on your profiles, otherwise, PayPal ACO won't be able to log in automatically.
Enable Save payment information in logs in order to have your PayPal password in your logs.
PayPal always requires an SMS or 2FA code, Infinit will wait until you submit that security check.
If a Captcha prompts, Infinit will wait until the captcha is manually solved.
Last modified 2mo ago
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