• We highly recommend using proxies. Infinit will not use them when is not needed.
  • Use high delays. Setting a low delay can increase your chances of being removed from the raffle when using profiles with similarities.
  • Static residential proxies are your best option.
  • Never use the same email more than once in the same raffle.
  • Email addresses from Gmail and Hotmail have more chances of success. Catchall addresses usually get filtered.
  • You can use fake phone numbers. Most of the time they are only used during the delivery process.
  • Avoid repeating field values between raffle entries.
  • You can use the same house address several times, but make sure they don't look identical. A good practice is j1gging the text. For example, Calle Desengaño 21 3o 4a can be:
    • Calle Desengano 21 3 4a
    • Cll Desenganoo 21 3n 4a
    • C Desengaño 21 3o 4
    • Desengaaño 21 3 4
    • etc
  • You can also use fake names, but keep in mind that could lead to problems with the delivery. If the package is delivered to a UPS point, you will probably be asked to provide your ID.
Last modified 1yr ago
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