Email Tester

Infinit Email Tester allows you to check if your Gmails, Hotmails and Outlooks are working.

If you have problems logging in to your masters, check this.

How does it work?

Infinit currently support two modes:

  • Gmail

  • Hotmail/Outlook

Each mode works differently, the Gmail mode will tell you if your gmails are working, banned or invalid.

On the other hand, the Hotmail/Outlook mode, will tell you if your Hotmails/Outlooks are working and properly forwarded to your master emails.

In the tools folder, you will find the Email Tester folder, including two files: check.txt and masters.csv.


check.txt: Fill this .txt file with your emails, all of them, one per line. We currently support Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook. Any other email will be skipped.

masters.csv: Fill this .csv file with your master mails, with the email address and password.